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‘3G Boss’ is an educational and business-task based reality TV show at Channel S Television. The programme is in partnership with the Canary Wharf Group Plc, and will bring together the best young entrepreneurs from the ages of 14-18 years old across the UK. The programme will see 12 young entrepreneurs compete, who will be selected from hundreds of participants.  These participants will contest in two groups, and ultimately the individual who demonstrates the most competencies – leadership quality, strategy, skills, knowledge and team spirit – will win.   Three main judges will asses each task, and one individual from the losing team will be eliminated from each task.  The semi-finals will take place between the last remaining four participants, and the finals will be between the winners from the semi-finals.

Episodes: Total – 10 episodes

    1 selection episode
    6 task base episodes
    1 semi-final episode
    1 final episode
    1 Making of 3G Boss episode

1 5 judges for selecting 12 participants
1 3 judges for rest of the programmes

3G Boss – Action Plan

Date Task Actions

Sat  15th August’15

Selection process filming (1st episode) in Canary Wharf and training.

ChS will select 50 participants from the applicants, and 12 will be selected for the main programmes. Immediately after the selection process, ChS will conduct a filming related training session at the boardroom for the participants.

Sat 22nd  August ’15

Filming of 2ndepisode (task based)

The task based episodes commence for the selected 12 contestants.

Sat 29th  August’15

Filming of 3rd episode.

Task based 2nd episode for the remaining contestants.

Sat 5th Sept’15

Filming of 4th episode.

Task based 3rdepisode for the remaining contestants.

Sat 12th  Sept’15

Filming of 5th episode.

Task based 4th episode for the remaining contestants.

Sat  19th Sept’15

Filming of 6th episode.

Task based 5th episode for the remaining contestants.

Sat 3rd   Oct’15

Filming of 7th episode.

Task based 6th episode for the remaining contestants.

Sat  10th  Oct ‘15

Filming of 8th episode (semi-final).

Task/project based episode for the remaining contestants.

Sat 17th  Oct’15

Filming of 9th episode (the final).

Task based episode for the remaining contestants.

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