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Amar Gaon   Live interactive phone in show, where viewers request to show short documentory on their chosen village in Bangladesh.
Bits N Bites  

Watch every Saturday at 7.00pm on SKY 814 (Repeat Sunday 1:30am & 2:30pm)

This is the only weekly programme within the South Asian Broadcasting Industry to specifically dedicate an entire show to answer all your IT needs, demystify problems and develop your skills base within one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. Recognising the huge significance IT plays in our every day lives, this cutting edge show aims to educate all Channel S viewers with up to date IT news, software solutions, answer viewer queries, impart knowledge and identify and solve common IT problems that you might be experiencing. Additionally we’ll be reviewing the latest computer games that are creating a storm in the market; take you though “hands on experience” practical exercises; chat to leading IT experts in the field and discuss all the latest and current hot topics within the IT market, as well as showcasing exciting competitions with fantastic giveaways. Through Bits n Bytes you’ll develop ideas, learn techniques and understand processes that will give you the skills and confidence to make IT an enjoyable and rewarding activity.
Islam Essentials   Your questions on applying the principles of Islam according to Qur’an and Sunnah in your daily lives answered by renowned scholars.

Its Our Day   Showcasing the talents of our little stars in the community, It’s Our Day brings an array of colourful performances by children to brighten up your day!

Jiggasa   An interview with “Personalities” that have achieved local and national recognition for their success in various fields.

Journey Through The Quran   A Journey through the entire Qur’an, with recitation and tafseer (commentary) explained by experienced scholars.

Legal Advice   Join our panel of legal experts to discuss your legal issues and receive generic advice to tackling problems in Immigration, Nationality and other legal areas.
Lets Talk   A dialogue of contemporary issues in the heart of the local, national and global community with an expert panel of guests.
Maktab   Learn Tajweed and the principle of reciting the Qur’an correctly from the comfort of your own home with expert teachers.

Obhimot   Share your views and opinions with LIVE guests on burning socio-political issues of Bangladesh

Rainbow Kidz   A bright and colourful look at Islam for children with poetry, stories and interactive content.

Shure Shure Bauliana   Let the music of Baul tradition capture your hearts and mesmerise you. An array of performances from the best of Baul Folk singers.


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